Care Services

Care Services

Our belief is that people using care services should be equal partners in planning, developing, and monitoring care to make sure it always meets their needs.  This means putting people and their families, at the centre of decisions and seeing them as experts, working alongside the professionals to get the right care service plan.  We place the needs of our clients as the focus of our service, rather than fitting the individual into standard care services. As health care providers we make sure that our care services are designed to the individual, and by doing this we make sure that care plans meet the client’s own needs. While developing the right care plan for their well-being we also help our clients and their families by combining bespoke care services with additional support services.

Customised Care Services

Making sure that people are involved in and central to their care is key to developing high quality individual care plans.  By putting people at the centre of their care we improve the quality of services available, get people the care they need, when they need it, and help people to be more active in looking after themselves which reduces the pressure on families and other services.

We follow a simple process to understand our client’s needs so that we can provide the right care service, and additional support services, to build a bespoke and customised plan for every individual. 

Dementia & Alzheimer Disease

A Dementia and Alzheimer disease diagnosis can come as a shock and while there are many different types of diagnosis, some are far more common than others. There are sources of help and support out there for everyone involved and its important to remember that you are not alone. Person Centred Care provide an outcome-based service that is tailored to your individual diagnosis and needs, combining a bespoke care plan with additional support services where required.

Elderly Care

There is no single rule on caring for the elderly, and this is why bespoke and individual plans are so important. Establishing a routine, a bond and trust with the person is key, and once everybody feels secure in the relationship, developed on mutual respect, we achieve success. Person Centred Care provides a service that is specifically tailored to and developed with our clients, as this is essential.

Hospital Discharge

Following from hospital discharge you may have difficulty managing at home, sometimes short term where you require help with certain tasks, or in the longer term for recovery from illness or accident. Some people also require more complex and specialised care after they leave hospital and return home which requires ongoing health and social care needs. Person Centred Care provide the right professionals, the right personal plan and will discuss and liaise on your discharge arrangements with the relevant external partners.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are wide and varied with many people aware of some of the better-known ones, however, there are many more and some people may not have a known cause of the learning disability. Learning disabilities affect people in different ways and while many people live independently some people can require 24-hour care to perform daily living skills. Person Centred Care provide this service with an approach that other people may take for granted, asking what the person wants, what support they need and involving them in all stages of the planning process.

Companionship & Socialising

Circumstances in life can often change quickly and this can create isolation for us through no fault of our own, with loneliness and emotional support requirements regularly a key issue.

Often it is about ensuring that we are able to participate in our social activities, or a companion is needed for support and through these simple things we are able to stop the isolation and loneliness.

Person Centred Care develop with you the options and plan that are needed to ensure that you are supported throughout and not left isolated.19

Personal Care & Home Support

Sometimes people require support for certain tasks around the home, or a more extensive support network to ensure that they are able to live an active lifestyle while remaining at home.

Difficulties can be short term while recovering from an illness or operation, and other times they can be longer term and you now require ongoing support with certain things.

Person Centred Care offers a service that is designed to your own needs and preferences, supporting you to live as independently as possible and empowering you with the choice and control over your care plan.

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